Estes Super Big Bertha

Here is another rocket I built as I enjoy sticking big motors into Estes rockets. I laminated the body tube and balsa fins with one layer of 5.6 oz. carbon fiber, followed by a layer of 3.8 ounce S-glass. The fins are surface mounted (not TTW) with carbon fiber over the fillet. I put in a 38mm motor mount with four plywood centering rings. The nose cone is filled with two-part expanding foam and has a 1/4" eye bolt. I used an Aero Pack motor retainer for motor retention.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 36.5"; Wt: 24 oz. (stock 6.0 oz); Motor (1): 38mm (stock 24mm)
Status: Destroyed.

1)10/20/01H123-10WNice first flight.
2)11/17/01I154-10JExcellent flight.
3)11/17/01G40-7WNice flight, delay too long.
4)11/17/01G40-7WNice flight, delay too long again.
5)3/16/02G40-7WNice flight, nice delay.
6)3/16/02H73-6JNice flight.
7)4/20/02G40-7WNice flight, nice delay.
8)4/20/02H73-6JNice flight.
9)5/18/02H180-10WNice flight.
10)6/15/02H123-10WNice flight.
11)6/15/02H123-10WNice flight.
12)6/28/02H143-10SSMy first Cesaroni Pro38 motor. Nice flight.
13)6/29/02I212-14SSNice flight.
14)6/30/02I287-15SSNice flight. Small crack on fin from landing.
15)7/20/02H242-10TNice flight.
16)8/16/02I285-15ANice flight on 4 grain Pro38 motor.
17)8/17/02I285-15APro38 motor burned the end of the motor off, including the nozzle and end of the casing. The end of the rocket was burned off also, but the chute did deploy. Rocket basically destroyed.

The Super Big Bertha on a G40-7W. 3/16/02.
The Super Big Bertha on a H123-10W. 6/15/02.

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