Launch Report

June 30, 2002
ROC Lake V, Alberta

Temp: 70s.
Wind: 15 - 20 mph
Where: ROC Lake south of Taber, Alberta

Flights in order
Smokin' Rockets 7.5" GoblinM2600-SS
Modified Estes Super Big BerthaI287-15SS

Third day of ROC Lake V. The weather was windy as usual. I flew the Smokin' Rockets 7.5" Goblin on a Cesaroni full M M2600-SS Smokey Sam motor. This motor fits in the Aerotech M1939 casing. It was an excellent flight, but unfortunately the pilot chute tangled around the main chute lines, preventing full deployment. Two fins were broken and the body tube damaged on landing. My last launch was the Super Big Bertha on a Cesaroni Smokey Sam I287-15SS for a nice flight.

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