Launch Report

August 17, 2002
Near Wendover, UT

Temp: Lower 90s.
Wind: 5 mph
Where: HellFire 8, near Wendover UT.

Flights in order
7.5" IrisM1939-W
Modified Estes Super Big BerthaI285-15A
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0K670-GG

HellFire 8, Day 2: Excellent weather. I prepped and flew the big Iris on an Aerotech M1939W. The rocket had an excellent flight on the full M motor. The dual deployment didn't work as the main came out at apogee. The RRC2 reported 9730 feet, and the uncalibrated AltAcc reported 8292 feet. Next was the Super Big Bertha on a Pro38 I285-15A (4 grain) motor. The rocket had a rather erratic flight as if a fin had come off. However, what had actually happened was the nozzle burned through causing asymmetrical thrust. The entire back section of the motor burned off, including the casing and rear of the rocket. There have apparently been some bad Pro38 motors out there. My last flight was the Javelin on an Animal Works 75mm K670 Green Gorilla motor. It was an awesome flight with a beautiful green flame to 7609 feet.

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