Estes Silver Comet #3

Another Estes kit bash for high power. I fiberglassed the body tube with one layer of 3.8 oz. S-glass cloth, and laminated the balsa fins with one layer of 5.6 oz. carbon fiber followed by one layer of 3.8 oz S-glass. I put in a 29mm motor mount with two plywood centering rings. I used an Aero Pack motor retainer for motor retention and it also functions as the rear centering ring.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 28"; Wt: aprox. 11 oz (stock 5.5 oz); Motor (1): 29mm (stock 24mm)
Recommended motor: G33-7J, G64-7W, G75-10J, H97-10J
Status: Active.

1)6/14/03G33-5JNice flight.
2)9/05/03H180-10WNice flight.
3)9/06/03H180-10WNice flight. Nose cone separated, repaired.
4)9/07/03H180-10WNice flight. Broke tip of one fin.
5)10/18/03G40-7WNice flight. Broke tip of fin more.

The Silver Comet on a G33-5J. 6/14/03.

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