Launch Report

September 5, 2003
Near Wendover, UT

Temp: 90s.
Wind: 5 mph
Where: HellFire 9, Bonneville Salt Flats

Flights in order
Estes Silver Comet (#3)H180-10W
PML Small EndeavourI366-10R
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0K550-W
Shock ValueJ275-W
PML Small EndeavourI287-12SS

First day of Hellfire 9. We were on the salt again this year. Weather was partly cloudy, warm, not much wind. My first launch was the Silver Comet on a H180-10W. Next was the Small Endeavour on a I366 Redline motor. The rocket deployed early, zippering the Quantum tube all the way back to the centering ring. With vendors on site, I repaired the Small Endeavour the same day. Then I flew the Javelin on a K550-W for a nice flight to 7314 feet. Next up was the Shock Value on a J275-W. The main chute broke (heat damage from previous launch) and the Shock Value hit motor first, shoving the motor casing up into the carbon fiber body tube. The AltAcc was also destroyed, and the nose cone cracked. My last flight was the repaired Small Endeavour on a CTI I287-12 Smokey Sam motor for a nice flight.

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