Estes Silver Comet #2

I built this one to replace my son's Silver Comet that I lost. I recently purchased a Food Saver to do vacuum bagging, and I used this rocket to practice techniques that I will eventually use on my Level 3 project. I fiberglassed the body tube and balsa fins with one layer of 5 oz. fiberglass cloth, and put in a 29mm motor mount with two plywood centering rings. I used an Aero Pack motor retainer for motor retention and it also functions as the rear centering ring. The vacuum bagging made the nicest fins I have ever made, and best of all, they only needed minimal sanding.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 28"; Wt: 11 oz (stock 5.5 oz); Motor (1): 29mm (stock 24mm)
Recommended motor: G33-7J, G64-7W, G75-10J, H97-10J
Status: Destroyed.

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 4/11/99 G64-7W Very nice flight.
2) 5/08/99 G33-7J Nice flight.
3) 5/29/99 G33-7J Nice flight.
4) 5/30/99 G64-10W Nice flight, perfect delay.
5) 6/19/99 G64-10W Nice flight.
6) 7/10/99 F39-9T(6) Nice flight.
7) 8/14/99 G33-7J(6) Nice flight.
8) 8/14/99 H97-10J(6) Nose cone wobbled, shredded back to the front centering ring. Destroyed.

The Silver Comet on a G33-7J. 5/08/99.
The Silver Comet on a G64-10W at Medicine Wheel 4. 5/30/99.
The Silver Comet on a G33-7J. 8/14/99.
The Silver Comet after its shred on a H97-10J. 8/14/99.

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