Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
July 8, 2023
Twin Bridges, MT

Parker Pitman's Astrocam on a C6-5 motor.
Dan Griffing's Wildman Extreme on a K550W motor.
Mike Cardoza's Kruen Missile on a K550W.

Dale Emery's Wildman 2-stage on a K1050W staging to a K700W.
Brian Remmick's G-Force on a G64W.
Calvin McAllister's Talon 3 on a K455NW motor. This went to 11,150 feet.

Brian Remmick's Reaper on a J415W motor.
Steve Shannon's Crush on a G76G. Launch crew of Milo and Olivia.
Dale Emery's Goblin 5 on a K560W motor.

Calvin McAllister's Raptor on a G64W.
Mike Cardoza's Miss America on a I200W.
Dale Emery's Bigger Daddy on a J135W motor.

Calvin McAllister's Raptor on a G76G.
Dan Griffing's SDX3 on a Loki K527LR red motor.

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