Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
June 25, 2022
Twin Bridges, MT

Dan Griffing's Super DX3 on an Aerotech L1000W.
Mike Cardoza's Maggie on a CTI I345 motor.
Dale Emery's Darkstar on a K480W. This went to 10,465 feet.

Curtis Burgess's Level 2 attempt with a Darkstar on a J425R motor.
Brian Remmick's EZI-65 on a I211W.
Brady Casper's Thing 2 on a J425R. This was a succesful Level 2 certification flight.

Dale Emery's Wildman MD on an Aerotech L1940X motor. This flew to 17,762 feet.
Mark Rapf's Bulldog on a J401FJ.
Mike Cardoza's Maggie on a CTI I170 motor.

Brian Remmick's Dragonfly on a H123W.
Mark Rapf's Seawolf on a I195J.
Dan Griffing's Peregrine on a Loki J820LW Star grain motor.

Brady Casper's group project The Lead Zeppelin on a L1000W motor.
Dale Emery's Cowabunga on a H123W.
Dan Griffing with his Super DX3.

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