Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
July 11, 2020
Twin Bridges, MT

Dan Griffing's Zephyr on a H219BT.
Calvin McAllister's Mongoose 98 on an Aerotech M750W moonburner motor. This went over 20,000 feet.
Steve Todd's Mongoose 54 on a L1000W motor.

Dale Emery's Wildman on a K480W motor.
Brian Remmick's EZI65 on a I245G.
Calvin McAllister's Defiance on a J350W motor.

Kris Wolf's Sport X on a H180W motor.
Dan Griffing's Zephyr on a I357T.
Dale Emery's Pure Hell on an Aerotech N1000W motor. This went about 20,0000 feet.

Ryan Brown's Toby MDRM on a H219BT motor.
Bill Cooper's Green Meanie on a I170G. Unfortunately it became a lawn dart.
Henry LaFever's Cerberus on a B6-4 cluster.

Calvin McAllister's Go Devil 38 on a H45W motor.
Greig Leach's Goblin on a G131 Smokey Sam.
Ryan Brown's Star Orbiter on a F15.

Steve Todd's Rich Thorne Memorial Flight RT Ellipse on a I283 (? not aware of this motor designation).
Calvin McAllister's Mini Cowabunga on a E18W. This did a few pinwheels.
Ryan Brown's Cherokee H on a G74W.

Bill Cooper's Orange Crush on a E12-8.
Henry LaFever's Space Eagle on a E9-4.
Greig Leach's MOAB on a H148R motor.

Kris Wolf's SA-14 Archer on a G64W motor.
Bill Cooper's Scarab 54 on a H128W.
Dan Griffing's Zephyr on a I245G motor. This came in ballistic.

Steve Todd's Vindicator on a I211W motor.
Ryan Brown's Cherokee H on a G80T.
Kris Wolf's Sport X on a H148R motor.

Bill Cooper with the nose cone from the Green Meanie.
The remains of Dan Griffing's Zephyr.

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