Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
June 24, 2017
Twin Bridges, MT

Dale Emery with his rocket "Pure Hell."
Steve Shannon's Red on a H128W.
Dale Emery's Pure Hell on a M1939W. It went 12,588 feet.

Logan Faus' Squat on a I212SS. This was a successful Mentor Program Level 1 certification.
Ben Staal's Big EZ on a J400SS.
Jesse Callender with his Dark Star Jr.

Jesse Callender's Dark Star Jr on a H238T. This was a successful NAR Level 1 certification.
Darin Faus' Sea Wolf on a K940WT. This flew to 5,559 feet.
Brian Remmick's 1/4 Patriot on a H112J.

Brian Remmick's G-Force on a G64W.
Dale Emery's Wildman on a Loki L1400. This flew to 11,869 feet.
B. Faus' Orange rocket on an A10-3T.

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