Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
March 25, 2017
Twin Bridges, MT

Logan Faus' Sun's Ray on a D12-5.
Dale Emery's PML Io on a H180-10W.
John Horton's Executioner on a E4-8.

B. Faus' Glitter Max on a D12-5.
Steve Schiefen's Delta on a D12-5.
Dale Emery's Nike Smoke on a H148-10R.

Andrew Horton's Quasar on a H219-10T.
Logan Faus' Der Red Max on a C6-5.
Steve Schiefen's Redstone on a C6-3.

Darin Faus' Sea Wolf on a K630BS. This flew to 5,160 feet.
Brian Remmick's Initiator on a F39-T.
John Horton's Arreaux on a F27-8R.

Don Bauer's Patriot on a C6-5.
This flight is not in the flight log. There was a forward closure failure.
Dale Emery's Darkstar on a K480W.

Brian Remmick's Little John on a H123-10W. This was a successful Level 1 certification flight.
John Horton's Arreaux on a G64W.
A beautiful March launch.

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