Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
July 23, 2016
Twin Bridges, MT

George Schlanert's Sumo on a G76-7G. Photo by Dari Faus.
George Schlanert's Big Daddy on a D12-3. Photo by Dari Faus.
Dale Emery's Wildman on a Loki L-1040 Red. This flew to 14,470 feet. Photo by Dari Faus.

Darin Faus' Pike on an I540WT.
The Pike after successful dual deployment.
Henry LaFever's Delta on an Apogee F10-8.

Steve Shannon's Optimum 38 on a H210R. Photo by Darin Faus.
Steve Shannon's Thornebird on a H165R.
Dale Emery's Darkstar on a Loki K-350 Moonburner. This flew to 12,270 feet.

George Schlanert's GForce on a G64-7W. Photo by Dari Faus.
Henry LaFever's Leviathan on a G76-10G. There was a forward closure failure.
Dale Emery's Jart on a H180-10W.

Steve Shannon's Thornebird on a H128W.

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