Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
June 25, 2016
Twin Bridges, MT

George Schlanert's V2 on a G64-7W.
Dale Emery's Wildman on a L1000W. This flew to 12,185 feet.
Steve and Ben Staal prep the HC2.

Steve Staal's HC2 on a J330.
John Horton's Arrow on an F36-12A.
Henry LaFever's Partizon on a G74-10W.

Mark Rapf's ASROC on a J250FJ. This went to 3,560 feet.
Dale Emery's Mongoose 75 on a M1297W. This flew to 20,898 feet.
Ben Staal's Big EZ on a J330.

George Schlanert's Bullet on a G80-7T motor.
The G80 motor CATOed, and split down the side of the casing.

Darin Faus' Pike on a J595BS.
Calvin McAllister's Goblin on a I140W.
John Horton's Magnum on a C6-5 cluster.

Henry LaFever's Ventris on a G80-10T
Dale Emery's Darkstar on a K550W. This flew to 7,979 feet.
Steve Todd's Elipse on an I285R. Photo by Darin Faus.

Steve Shannon's SPJ2 on a H128W. Photo by Darin Faus.
George Schlanert's Mini-Magg on a H255. Photo by Darin Faus.
Henry LaFever's Ventris on a G77-7R. Photo by Dari Faus.

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