Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
May 28, 2016
Twin Bridges, MT

Calvin McAllister's Goblin on a H138W.
Steve Shannon preps his Optimum 38.
Dale Emery with his Mongoose 75.

Steve Shannon's Optimum 38 on a J330.
Steve Todd's Elipse on an I245G.
Calvin McAllister's Goblin on a H182R.

Dale Emery's Mongoose 75 on a K560W. This flew to 11,356 feet.
Calvin McAllister's Talon 3 on a L1000W. Kate was onboard and reported an altitude of 13,293 feet.
Calvin McCalister's Goblin on a H195T.

Alan Pattison visiting from Medicine Hat with one of his rockets.
Checking out how Kate works.

Steve Todd's Wild Thang on a I285R.
Calvin McAllister's EZI-65 on a K535.
Alan Pattison's Big Daddy on a F25W.

Dale Emery's two-stage Wildman on a K700W. Video on YouTube.
The Wildman staged to a J360SK. The sustainer went to 12,126 feet. The booster came in ballistic.
A view of the flight line by Edna Horton.

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