Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
June 20, 2015
Twin Bridges, MT

Dale Emery's Shock Value on a K250-W.
Dale Emery's Shock Value on a K250-W. This flew to 20,539 feet.
Daren Faus' G-Force on a H223-R.

Darin Faus' Flower Rocket on a H151-R.
Steve Staal's X-15 on an J410-R.
Dale Emery's Wildman on an AnimalWorks K670-GG. This flew to 7,869 feet.

Steve Shannon's Optimum 38 on a J500-G.
Ben Staal's Big EZ on an J330-C. This was a successful Level 2 certification flight.
Darin Faus' DX3 on a G126-WT.

Dale Emery's Darkstar on a J540-R. This flew to 5,303 feet.
Henry Lafever's Loadstar II on an B6-4.

Round up the usual suspects.
Ben Staal with his Big EZ after his successful Level 2 cert flight.

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