Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
July 6, 2013
Twin Bridges, MT

Calvin McAllister's Ellipse on a J825R.
George and Alice Schlanert's V2 on a G76G motor.
Greg Simpson's BAT on a I366R.

Carrying Steve Todd's Solar Flare out to the pad.
Pointing the Solar Flare skyward.

Steve Todd's Solar Flare on a N2000W. This flew to 17,500 feet.
George and Alice Schlanert's MiniMagg on a H255.
George and Alice Schlanert's Norad on a G80T.

Calvin McAllister's Nike Smoke on an I200W.
Dale Emery's Mongoose 98 on a CTI M520 Moonburner. The 14 second burn pushed the rocket to just over 20,000 feeet.
Dan Larsen's Barracuda.

Calvin McAllister's Honest John on a J293BS.
Steve Shannon's Optima 38 on a I303BS.
Allan Cox's RFS on a J357BS.

Steve Todd's Ellipse on a H242T.

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