Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
June 1, 2013
Twin Bridges, MT

Calvin McAllister and Dan Larsen preparing to launch.
Calvin McAllister's Bullpup on a L1390-G motor.
Calvin McAllister's Bullpup.

Unfortunately, the nose cone tangled the main chute on the Bullpup.
Dan Larsen's Barracuda on a G77.
Steve Todd's Mongoose 54 on a K550-W. This flew to between 13,500 and 15,500 feet.

Angel Lafferty's Amazon on a C6-3. This was her first rocket launch.
George and Alice Schlanert's Warlock on an H399.
Dale Emery's Mongoose 98 on a CTI L610. The 8 second burned pushed the rocket to 15,000 feet.

Dan Larsen and Steve Shannon load the Oosik I on the pad.
Dan Larsen and his Oosik I rocket. He successfully flew this on a H170 for his Level 1 certification.
Steve Shannon flying the RT2 (Rich Thorne 2) on an I255-R.

Dale Emery's Io on a H180-W.
Allen Cox's Flim Flam on an H255-BS.
Keenan Cox's Littledog on a I303-BS.

Andrew Horton's G-Force on a H138.

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