Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
May 12, 2012
Billings, MT

Dale Emery's Mini-Magg on a J275-W.
Dale Emery's Nike Smoke on a I245-G motor.
Mark Rapf with his 60% upscale Asp.

Mark Rapf's Asp Level 2 attempt on a J180-T. Unfortunately, the main chute got stuck in the body tube.
Mark Rapf's El Lubbo on a G76-G.
Dale Emery's Drago on a H180-W.

Mark Rapf's Jayhawk on a F40-W.
Dale Emery's Mini-Magg on an I300-T.
Mark Rapf's staged Fat Boy. One of the 4 C6 motors in the booster did not ignite.

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