Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
June 13, 2010
Twin Bridges, MT

Marty Weiser's Mama Racoon on a H148R.
Allan Cox's Mad Dog on a CTI K590 Dual Thrust motor.
George and Alice Schlanert's Mini-Magg on a CTI H255.

Calvin McAllister's Vertical Assault on a Contrail J222.
George and Alice Schlanert's V2 on a G71R.
Marty Weiser's Mama Racoon on a J350W.

Not sure who's rocket this is.
Lou Bragg's Hobgoblin on an I284W.
Mike Whorley's Level 3 certification flight with his Optimus Prime on an Aerotech N2000W.

Mike Whorley's Optimus Prime on its way to 32,000 feet.
Steve Shannon's More Cowbell on an M1850W.
Steve Todd's Mongoose 54 on a K260.

Dale Emery's Nike Smoke on three K695R. This is before things got scary.
The Nike Smoke heading the wrong way.
Photo by Marty Weiser.
Scott McLeod's AZ-4 on a J425BS.

Impact crater from the Nike Smoke.
Nike Smoke debris pile.

Dale Emery's Mini-Magg on a J500G.
Andy Horton's Spike on a J350W.
Gretchen Bingman's Explorer on CTI G133SS.

Keenan Cox's Silver Comet on a F24W.
Allan Cox's 4th Crash on a H236R.
Calvin McAllister's Scouter on a F37W.

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