Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
September 27, 2008
Twin Bridges, MT

George and Alice Schlanert's Sumo on an G64-4.
Doug Thorne with his Fly High.
Allan Cox's Mad Dog on a K1050W.
Sumo Doug Thorne Mad Dog

Doug Thorne's Fly High on a H112J.
Steve Shannon's Chain Smoker on a J800T.
Dale Emery's Mongoose 98 on a M1600R. GWiz reported 17,420 feet, and the RRC2 reported 19,148 feet.
Fly High Nike Smoke Mongoose 98

Allan Cox's Arreaux on a F20-7W.
Doug Thorne's Fly High on a another H112J.
Keenan Cox's Little Dog on a H128W.
Arreaux Fly High Little Dog

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