Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
June 21, 2008
Twin Bridges, MT

Richard Clark's Patriot on an I300T.
Steve Shannon's Brutus on a F23J.
George Schlanert's Initiator on a F12J.
Patriot Brutus Initiator

Andy Horton's Intruder on a I200W.
Calvin McAllister preps his Vertical Assault hybrid.
Calvin McAllister's Vertical Assault on a Contrail K234. It went 8300 feet.
Intruder Vertical Assault Vertical Assault

George Schlanert's Sumo on a G64-7W.
Dale Emery's Javelin II on a M650W.
The Javelin II.
Sumo Javelin II Javelin II

? ? ?

Dale Emery's Io on a G79-7W.
Calvin McAllister's Goblin on an I117FJ.
Io Goblin ?

Steve Shannon's Nike Smoke on a K700W on its way to 7007 feet.
Dale Emery's Black Brandt II on a H210-10R.
? Nike Smoke Black Brandt II

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