Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
May 17, 2008
Twin Bridges, MT

Allan Cox's Nike Smoke on a C6-5.
Allan Cox's Little Mac on a C6-5 cluster.
Calvin McAllister's LOC Magnum on a L850W.
Nike Smoke Little Mac Magnum

The Magnum on its way, reaching 9,800 feet.
Andy Horton's Intruder on a I285R.
George Schlanert's Initiator on a F24.
Magnum Intruder Initiator

George Schlanert's G-Force on a G64-4W.
Lloyd Magnuson's US Rockets Banshee on a H180W.
Steve Todd's Praying Mantis on a K695R.
G-Force Banshee Praying Mantis

George Schlanert's Mustang on a F12-5J.
Dale Emery's Javelin II on a M1297W.
The Javelin II on its way to 14,155 feet.
Mustang Javelin II Javelin II

Allan Cox's Translucent Goose on a H128W.
Steve Shannon's Explorer on a H148R.
Calvin McAllister's Goblin on a I215R.
Translucent Goose Explorer Goblin

Sarah McAllister's Avenger on a D12-5.
Steve Shannon's Nike Smoke comes to pressure.
Steve Shannon's Nike Smoke on a Loki Research K350 moon burner.
Avenger Nike Smoke Nike Smoke

The Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke on its way to 7738 feet.
Allan Cox's Flim Flam on a Pro38 I285.
Keenan Cox's Blue Ninja on an E9-8.
Nike Smoke Flim Flam Blue Ninja

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