Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
May 10, 2008
Billings, MT

Zak Seaton's Der Red Max on a B6-4.
Steve Shannon's Brutus 2.6 Payloader on a Roadrunner F45-5R.
Dan Mazel's Black Panther on a D12-0/E9-6.
Der Red Max Brutus Payloader Black Panther

Jeannine Mazel's Pink Panther on a B6-4.
Dale Emery's Io on a H180-10W.
Rick Justice's Mirage on a G79-7W.
Pink Panther Io Mirage

Keenan Cox's BullPuppy on a G64-7W.
Rick Justice's Barracuda on a F27-4R.
Gary Frasier's AMRAAM 2 on a F33-5J.
BullPuppy Barracuda AMRAAM 2

Steve Shannon's USS Andi on a H73J.
Allan Cox's Flim Flam on a H180-10W.
Dan Mazel's Radical Red on a F24-7W.
Explorer Flim Flam Radical Red

Rick Justice's Mirage on another G79-7W.
Dale Emery's Sandhawk on a Loki Research I316 Spitfire.
Allan Cox's Flim Flam on another H180-10W.
Mirage Spitfire Flim Flam

Gary Frasier's Phoenix on a K550W.
Gary Frasier's Phoenix on a K550W.
Gary Frasier with his Phoenix.
Phoenix Phoenix Gary Frasier

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