Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
April 26, 2008
Twin Bridges, MT

Picture 1.
Dale Emery's Ulimate Endeavour on a three J570W cluster.
The central L730 did not light.
Picture 1 Ultimate Endeavour Ultimate Endeavour

Keenan Cox's Mad Dog on a Kosdon I550R.
Dale Emery's Javelin II on an K695-R.
Andy Horton's Backroads being prepped at the pad.
Mad Dog Javelin II Backroads

Andy Horton's Backroads lifts off on a L952W.
Heading skyward.
Forward closure failure.
Backroads Backroads Oops

Steve Shannon's Sudden Rush on a Kosdon by Aerotech I301.
Picture 11.
Keenan Cox's Mad Dog on a K550W.
Sudden Rush Picture 11 Mad Dog

PBS Backroads crew filming Andy Horton.
The end of a great day of launching.
Backroads crew Beautiful day

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