Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
October 13, 2007
Billings, MT

Jeannine Mazel's Pink Panther on a C6-5.
Dale Emery's Black Brant II on a H180-10W.
Isaac Mazel's NightHawk on an H148-10R.
Pink Panther Black Brant II NightHawk

Keenan Cox prepares his IRIS.
Keenan Cox's IRIS on an I284-W.
Allan Cox's Little Mac on a C6-5 cluster.
IRIS IRIS Little Mac

Tube Pathompong's PML Black Brant.
Jeannine Mazel's Big Bertha flys overhead.
Rich Thorne loading the Red Rocket onto the rail.
Black Brant Big Bertha Rich Thorne

Rich Thorne's Red Rocket on a Pro38 J285.
Braving the paparazzi.
Red Rocket Ultimate Endeavour

Dale Emery's Ultimate Endeavour on a J570W cluster.
A close-up shows only one J570W at full thrust on take-off.
The Ultimate Endeavour heads south.
Ultimate Endeavour Ultimate Endeavour Ultimate Endeavour

Tube Pathompong's PML Black Brant.
Rich Thorne's Red Rocket on another Pro38 J285.
Steve Shannon's Mustang on a G40-10W.
Blank Brant Red Rocket Mustang

Alan and Keenan Cox's Nike Smoke drag race. Keenan won.
One big parachute.
Nike Smoke Parachute

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