Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
August 28, 2004
Twin Bridges, MT

Jackson Emery's Razor on a C6-5.
Jackson recovering his rocket.
Allan Cox's Patriot on an C6-7.
Razor Jackson Emery Patriot

Jackson Emery's Skybird on a C6-5.
Gretchen Bingman's Fiesta - her first rocket ever.
Keenan Cox's Smaller Endeavour on a C6-5 cluster.
Skybird Fiesta Smaller Endeavour

Jackson Emery launches the Deuce on a pair of C6-5s. Only one motor lit.
Allan Cox's Multi Arreaux Cluster on a C6-5 cluster.
Jackson Emery's Estes Meanie on a A10-3T.
Duece MAC Meanie

The Deuce on a pair of C6-5s. Only one motor lit and the other lead tethered the rocket to the pad.
The Deuce ejecting into sagebrush.
Deuce Deuce

Allan and Keenan Cox's Arcas.
The Deuce on a pair of C6-5s. It works!.
Andrew Horton's Initiator on a F25-6W.
Arcas Deuce Initiator

Dale Emery lights a K1275-R in his Javelin.
Dale Emery's Javelin on a K1275-R.
Keenan Cox's Big Daddy on a F24-4W.
Javelin Javelin Big Daddy

Thomas Ames and other prep the 6-inch AMRAAM.
Prepping the AMRAAM at the pad.
Photo from Thomas Ames.
AMRAAM AMRAAM at the pad

Allan Cox's First Class Delivery on a G64-10W.
Thomas Ames's AMRAAM is ready to launch.
Thomas Ames's AMRAAM on a 75mm M1297-W motor.
First Class Delivery AMRAAM AMRAAM

The AMRAAM heads skyward.
Top row (L to R): Thomas Ames, Dale Emery, Steve Shannon, Keenan Cox, Allan Cox.
Bottom Row: Jackson Emery.
AMRAAM The group

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