Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
August 21, 2004
Billings, MT

Greg Simpson's Fat Boy on a D12-5.
Keenan Cox's Patriot 3 on three C6-7s.
Sally Weinand's Venture on an A8-3.
Fat Boy Patriot 3 Venture

Dale Emery's Mini-Magg on an I211-10W.
Nate Weinand's Razor.
Allan Cox's First Class Delivery on a G40-4W.
Mini-Magg Razor First Class Delivery

Greg Simpson's Red Wind on a C6-0/C6-7.
Nate Weinand's rocket.
Keenan Cox's Apogee 1 on a G40-7W.
Red Wind Nate Weinand Apogee 1

Dale Emery's Small Endeavour on a G40-4W.
Allan Cox with his First Class Delivery.
Allan Cox's First Class Delivery on a H128-10W for his Level 1 certification flight.
Small Endeavour Allan Cox First Class Delivery

Nate Weinand, Sally Weinand and Keenan Cox with their rockets.
Keenan Cox testing large parachutes in 20 mph winds.
Nate, Sally and Keenan Keenan Cox

Keenan Cox's Patriot 3 on a C6-7 cluster.
Dale Emery's Javelin on a J315-R.
Allan Cox's Multi Arreaux Cluster on three C6-5s.
Patriot 3 Javelin Multi Arreaux Cluster

Thomas Ames's stretched Syonic on a I284-W.
Allan Cox's Translucent Goose on a F40-4W.
Keenan Cox's Patriot 3 on three C6-7s. Only one motor lit.
Syonic Translucent Goose Patriot 3

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