Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
July 24, 2004
Twin Bridges, MT

Dale Emery's AMRAAM 2 on a G64-7W.
Steve Shannon's "Mustang Sally" on a F40-4W.
AMRAAM 2 Mustang

Dale Emery's Mini-Magg on a I211-10W.
Dale Emery's Sandhawk with a K1275R at ignition.
Mini-Magg Sandhawk

Dale Emery's Sandhawk in flight.
Thomas Ames with his stretched Syonic.
Sandhawk Thomas Ames

Steve Shannon loads Big Andy on the rail.
Thomas Ames's Syonic during prep.
Photo by Thomas Ames.
Steve Shannon Syonic

Thomas Ames's Syonic lights up.
Thomas Ames's Syonic on a J540R.
Syonic Syonic

Steve Shannon with his recovery crew. Photo by Thomas Ames.
Gary Frasier taking a break.
Cows Gary Frasier

Gary Frasier's Intruder on a CTI I205.
Dale Emery's Javelin on a CTI J295.
Intruder Javelin

Dale Emery's Javelin deploys the chute overhead.

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