Launch Photos

June 22 - 24, 2001
Near Lethbridge, Alberta

Gary Jennings' Thunderbird on a M1419-W.
The Thunderbird with a tangled chute.
Thunderbird Thunderbird

Dale Emery with his Iris.
Dale Emery's Iris on a M1939-W.
Iris Iris

Max Baines' Gemini DC on a M1439-W.
Randall Credico's Crazy Canuck.
Gemini Crazy Canuck

Another nice rocket on a big motor.
It was a long hot walk back.
Unknown Unknown

Ken Latam's Recruiter on a big motor.
Dale Emery's Javelin on a K700-W.
Recruiter Javelin

Dave Ross' Fat Boy on a L1120-W.
The remains after the airframe let loose.
Fat Boy Fat Boy

Anthony Cesaroni and others set up this beautiful carbon fiber rocket on a Hypertek M motor.
Heading for the sky...
Hypertek M Hypertek M

Anthony Cesaroni inspects the remains after a ballistic recovery.
Battery casing and AltAcc board with all components sheared off.
Hypertek M Hypertek M

Dale Emery's Sandhawk on a K560-W.
Steve Shannon's USS Andi.
Sandhawk USS Andi

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