Launch Photos

HellFire 6, Day 3
September 17, 2000
Bonneville Salt Flats, UT
Photos by Dale Emery

Someone's beautiful Black Brant II.
Max Baines' Level 3 attempt with his beautiful upscale Gemini DC on a M1419-W.
Black Brant II Gemini DC

Joe Stone's Prefect Cup entry rocket.
Dave Ross' Level 3 attempt with his Mustang on a M1315-W.
Joe Stone Mustang

Someone's red and white rocket.
Alan Overmoe's V-2 on a N2000-W.
Red and White V-2

Up, up and away!
Dale Emery's Hi-Tech H45 on a H45-10W.
V-2 Hi-Tech

Dave Ross' upscale Fat Boy.
Dan Holmes' Prefect Cup entry.
Fat Boy Dan Holmes

An Astrobee D on a K550-W x3 cluster.
Dale Emery's Nike Smoke on a K550-W.
Astrobee D Nike Smoke

Jerry Hughes' rocket on a Kosdon L motor?.
Dale Emery's Sandhawk on a K560-W.
Jerry Hughes Sandhawk

HellFire 6 Day 1.

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