Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
June 10, 2000
Billings, MT

Paul Mazel's Scimitar on a H180-W.
Dale Emery's Thunder 'N' Lightning on a H242-T. The H123-W in the upper stage failed to ignite.
Scimitar Thunder 'N' Lightning

Dale Emery's 7.5" Iris on a 3" L1120-W.
Dale Emery's 7.5" Iris again on the L1120-W.
Iris Iris

Dale Emery's Arcas on a G38-7FJ.
Steve Longshore's Saturn V on a F24-W.
Arcas Saturn V

Dale Emery's Sandhawk on a J275-W.
Thomas Ames's sucessful Level 1 certification flight with the stretched EZI-65 on a H123-6W.
Sandhawk EZI-65

Dale Emery's Hi-Tech H45 on a H123-W.

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