Launch Photos

HellFire 5, Day 2
September 25, 1999
Wendover, UT
Photos by Dale Emery

Dale Emery's Nike Smoke on a K700-W.
Dale Emery's 4" Sandhawk on a 75mm K560-W.
Nike Smoke Sandhawk

Steve Anderson's Eye of the Storm Mars Lander.
Dale Dillon's scratch built Thoth on a 75mm L1120-W.
Mars Lander Thoth

Dale Emery's Level 3 attempt with a 7.5" Iris on a M1939-W.
The Viking Swarm.
Iris Swarm

Alan Overmoe's successful Level 3 certification flight with a V-2 on a N2000-W.
Alan Overmoe's V-2 heads skyward.
V-2 V-2

Paul Mazel's Screaming Demon II on a H180-W, staging to a G64-W.
Someone's finless tube rocket, before it became unstable.
Demon Tube rocket

Devin Della-Rose's stretched 6" Honest John on a L1500-T.
Honest John

HellFire 5 Day 3.

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