Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana's fifth launch
August 14, 1999
Billings, MT

Kent Newman's (visiting from Washington) modified Aerotech Arcas on a H242-T.
Dale Emery's Silver Comet on a G33-7J.
Kent Newman's Arcas Silver Comet

Dale Emery's Nike Smoke on a J570-W.
Kent Newman's PML Callisto on a H73-J.
Nike Smoke Callisto

Paul Mazel's Screaming Demon II on a H180-6W.
Paul Mazel's Screaming Demon II. Premature separation from drag caused ignition failure of the upper stage.
Screaming Demon II Screaming Demon II

Paul Mazel's Screaming Demon II after the lawn dart.
Dale Emery's Silver Comet after an attempt on a H97-10J. A wobble in the nose cone caused a shred back to the forward centering ring. The fin broke on landing.
Lawn dart Shred

Dale Emery's Sandhawk on a J415-W.
Dale Emery's Sandhawk on its way to 4000 feet.
Sandhawk Sandhawk

Dale Emery's Arcas on a G64-7W.
Kent Newman's modified Aerotech Arcas on an I161-W.
Arcas Arcas

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