Here is some useful software for Macintosh owners. If the page starts showing up as text in your browser window, that means my ISP has not yet set the MIME type for binhex (.hqx) files. In that case, hold down the mouse button over the link, and select Save This Link As... and save it as a text file. Drop the .hqx file on Stuffit Expander after it is downloaded.

Sherlock Plug-In for Rocketry Online. Requires MacOS 8.5. Drop the file "RocketryOnline.src" onto the closed System folder and it will automatically be placed in your Internet Search Sites folder.

CompuRoc 2.0.1. A shareware rocketry flight performance prediction software program for the Macintosh. I have added the G75J motor, and updated the entire H through N motor libraries with the recent thrust curves for Aerotech and Ellis Mountain motors from TMT that were posted on, as well as purging most expired motors from library (such as USR).