Launch Report

May 30, 1999
Suffield AB, Alberta

Temp: 10 to 20 degrees C.
Wind: Variable, 5 to 10 mph
Where: Medicine Wheel 4, Suffield AB, Alberta

Flights in order
Estes Silver Comet (#2)G64-10W
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0K550-W
Aerotech ArcasG64-7W
Rocket R&D 4" SandhawkK560-W
Nike SmokeK700-W
Rocket R&D 4" SandhawkL850-W

Medicine Wheel 4, Day 2: The weather was much better today. It was cool initially, but warmed up nicely. The cloud ceiling was unlimited most of the day, with clouds coming in later in the day. After the sign in and safety briefing at 7:30, we were again escorted to the launch site. I first flew the Silver Comet #2 on a G64-10W for another nice flight. Next was my Javelin on a K550-W, and the flight was great. Dual deployment worked as planned, and the IA-X96 reported 7875 feet, 14.3 G's and 612 max MPH. I then flew the Arcas on a G64-7W. The parachute tangled, but there was no damage. I flew the 4" Sandhawk on a K560-W. This is a 75mm full K motor, and the largest total impulse motor I had flown at that time. It had a excellent flight, and dual deployment worked as planned. The Missile Works RRC2 reported 8649 feet for my highest flight ever. Then I flew the Nike Smoke on a K700-W for another great flight. The AltAcc deployed the main at apogee again, and reported 6630 feet, 11.9 G's, and 519 max MPH. My final flight was the 4" Sandhawk on a L850-W. This was my first L motor flight. The rocket had an excellent flight and broke Mach - there was a change in the smoke trail and you could hear the hum of the fins fluttering as it went through. Dual deployment worked as planned, and the Missile Works RRC2 reported 10,547 feet for my highest flight ever.

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