Launch Report

January 30, 1999
Billings, MT

Temp: 30 to 48
Wind: 10 to 15 mph initially, calmed down to about 5 mph
Where: BLM land at 17 mile marker

Flights in order
Rocket R&D 2.6" SandhawkI211-W
Big Bertha 3 (Astron Ranger)B6-4
Estes ManiacD12-5
Estes AstrocamC6-3
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0J180-T
Aerotech ArcasF40-4W
LOC Hi-Tech H45H242-T
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0J180-T
Big Bertha 3 (Astron Ranger)C6-7
Aerotech Wart-HogG75-6J

Windy at first, but calmed down by launch time. Excellent weather for January. Joined by Paul and Dan Mazel. First launch was the 2.6" Sandhawk on a I211-W. A perfect flight, and the two-stage deployment worked as planned. The AltAcc reported 4575 feet for the highest flight of the day. Next launch was the Big Bertha 3 on a B6-4 cluster, nice flight. Then came the repaired Maniac on a D12-5, another nice flight. Then I flew the (rear-facing) Astrocam on a C6-3. The booster 'chute did not open but there was no damage. Next up was the Javelin 4.0, and as the wind had died down, I went with a J180-T. It had a perfect flight, and the two-stage deployment worked again. The IA-X96 reported 3320 feet. I flew the Arcas on a F40-4W, another nice flight but the delay was a little short. There was a small Estes dent on the end of the body tube. I flew the Hi-Tech on a H242-T with the AltAcc used for apogee deployment of the parachute. It worked perfectly, with the AltAcc reporting 3403 feet (and 21.9 Gs maximum acceleration). I launched the Javelin 4.0 again on a J180-T for another excellent flight. The IA-X96 reported 3350 feet. I then flew the the Big Bertha 3 again, this time on a C6-7 cluster, for a nominal flight. Final flight was the Wart-Hog on a G75-6J, the flight was nice but the delay seemed a little short.

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