Launch Report

September 19, 1998
Casper, WY

Temp: Warmed up to the 60s
Wind: Gusty, 10-15 mph
Where: Pathfinder site

Flights in order
Javelin 4.0K550-W
Estes Silver CometG75-10J
LOC Hi-Tech H45H242-T
Rocket R&D SandhawkH123-10W
Aerotech ArcasH180-10W
THOY PhoenixI211-10W

Cold in the morning and a bit windy. Finished prepping the Javelin, then loaded it with a K550-W. Excellent straight up flight despite the wind, and the dual deployment worked as planned. Flew to 8146 feet (5984 feet barometric). Then I launched some other rockets, but used smaller motors than planned because of the wind. I flew the Silver Comet on a G75, nominal flight. I launched the Hi-Tech on a H242 using the AltAcc for apogee deployment, worked fine. Next was the Sandhawk on a H123-10W. It appeared to eject a little early, and I got an "Estes dent" on the end of the fiberglassed body tube from the bungie cord slamming the payload section into the body. Cut off an inch and replace that bungie and it will fly again. Then I flew the Arcas on a H180 for another nice flight. Last flight of the day was the repaired THOY Phoenix on an I211. It flew with some corkscrew, but the delay was good. Broke another rear fin off on landing.

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