Launch Report

August 8, 1998
LDRS 17, Day 3

Temp: 90 to 100
Wind: 5 mph
Where: Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Flights in order
Rocket R&D SandhawkH123-10W
Binder Design IrisJ275-10W
Rocket R&D SandhawkI284-14W
Binder Design IrisJ275-10W

LDRS 17, Day 3: Thunderstorms came through the launch site about 8pm and did a job on many tents and shelters. Mine was severly damaged, but I managed to rig it up to last one more day. The launch system took a major hit, but the UROC guys worked hard for a long time and got things working around 10am. Good job UROC! First I launched the Sandhawk on a H123-10W for another perfect flight. Then I flew the Iris on a J275-10W for a perfect flight and recovery. I took a shift as pad manager, so I didn't get as many launches as I hoped. Next I launched the Sandhawk on an I284-14W, and it went way up there again. This is an excellent motor for this rocket. Then I flew the Iris on a J275-10W again for a perfect flight, but the chute did not come out of the body tube. It tumbled in and fortunately landed in a soft area. One fin broke, but it is repairable.

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