Launch Report

August 7, 1998
LDRS 17, Day 2

Temp: 90 to 100
Wind: 5 mph
Where: Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Flights in order
Binder Design IrisJ275-10W
Rocket R&D SandhawkI284-14W
Estes Silver CometH97-10J
LOC EZI 65K185-10W

LDRS 17, Day 2: More people today, about 280 registered fliers. First I flew the Iris on a J275-10W for a perfect flight and recovery. Next I launched the Sandhawk on an I284-14W, and it went way up there. I couldn't get my IA-X96 to work (due to a faulty wiring harness), so I don't know how high, but simulations put it about 6000 feet. Then I flew the Silver Comet on a H97-10J for another perfect flight. However, my good luck ended on flight 13 of the EZI-65, which I attempted on a K185. Two fins broke off and the rocket shredded - it was totally destroyed. The motor casing, nose cone, and parachute are reusable. The launch was called off early due to thunderclouds with lightning.

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