Launch Report

June 19, 2004
Billings, MT

Temp: upper 60s
Wind: 0 to 5 mph
Where: BLM land near Billings

Flights in order
PML IoG40-7W
PML Small EndeavourI218-10R
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0J540-R
PML Small EndeavourH123-10W
PML Small EndeavourH180-10W
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0J285-A

Forth BSRA launch of the year, only four of us launched today. Some intermittent light rain in the morning, but the best weather we have had this year. My first launch was the Io on a G40W. The chute stuck in the body tube, and the Io came in hard and took a core sample, but was not damaged. Then I flew the Small Endeavour on a I218-10R for a nice flight, though the delay was too short. Next I launched the Javelin on a J540R to 5000 feet. I flew the Small Endeavour again, this time on a H123-10W. A few of the chute lines got stuck together from the ejection charge, but there was no damage. So I launched the Small Endeavour one more time on a H180-10W for a nominal flight. Last flight was the Javelin on a Pro38 J285 for a nice flight.

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