Launch Report

May 15, 2004
Billings, MT

Temp: upper 60s
Wind: 6 to 11 mph
Where: BLM land near Billings

Flights in order
PML IoG40-4W
Crayon rocketI218-10R
PML Small EndeavourH180-10W
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0J275-W
PML IoG64-4W

Third BSRA launch of the year, just three of us today. My first launch was the Io on a G40W. Next was the Crayon rockets on an I218-10R. The AltAcc 2C altimeter reported 2,224 feet, 16.0 Gs, and 309 max mph. Then I flew the repaired Small Endeavour on a H180-10W for a nice flight. I launched the Javelin on a J275W to 3,517 feet. Last flight was the Io again on a G64W

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