Launch Report

April 24, 2004
Near Twin Bridges, MT

Temp: 48
Wind: 10 mph
Where: BLM land near Twin Bridges

Flights in order
Estes Alien Space ProbeD12-3
Crayon rocketJ275-10W
Estes Alien Space ProbeD12-3
PML IoG40-7W
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0K695-R

Second BSRA launch of the year. Cool and windy until 1pm, then very nice. I helped Jackson fly his Razor 7 times and his Estes Meanie 3 times. My first launch was the Alien Space Probe on a D12. The chute stuck in the body tube, but the rocket was undamaged. Next was the Crayon rocket on an J275-10W. I flew the Alien Space probe again, this time on a F24W. A leg broke off on landing. Then I flew my PML Io on its first flight with a G40W. Last up was the Javelin on a K695-R for a nice flight. We lost sight of it after motor burnout, but it was spotted when the main deployed. The PrefectFlight altimeter reported 7907 feet.

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