Launch Report

October 11, 2003
Near Twin Bridges, MT

Temp: 50
Wind: 5 to 15 mph
Where: BLM land near Twin Bridges

Flights in order
Rocket R&D 4" SandhawkL850-W
Aerotech MustangF21-6W
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0J275-W

Sixth BSRA launch of the year, and the first at the Twin Bridges site. My first launch was the Rocket R&D 4" Sandhawk on a L850-W for an excellent flight. The MissileWorks altimeter reported 10,971 feet. Next was the Mustang on a F21-6W. My last flight was the Javelin on a J275-W for a nice flight. The PrefectFlight MiniAlt/WD 25K logging dual event altimeter reported 3,455 feet.

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