Launch Report

August 16, 2003
Billings, MT

Temp: 100
Wind: 5 mph
Where: BLM land at 17 mile marker

Flights in order
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0J330-A
LOC Hi-Tech H45H73-10J

Fifth BSRA launch of the year, very hot. My first launch was the Javelin on a Pro38 J330-A for a nice flight. This was the second use of my PrefectFlight MiniAlt/WD 25K logging dual event altimeter, and it worked as planned. The altimeter reported 3142 feet. Next was the Hi-Tech H45 on a H73-10J. Then a BLM officer came by and informed us that there were Level 2 fire restrictions in effect, so we had to cancel the rest of the launch. The BLM website was not up to date, so we weren't aware that Level 2 restrictions had gone into place on August 12th.

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