Launch Report

June 28, 2003
ROC Lake VI, Alberta

Temp: 80s.
Wind: 5 mph
Where: ROC Lake south of Taber, Alberta

Flights in order
7.5" IrisM2600-SS
Shock ValueJ275-W
PML Small EndeavourI350-13SS

Second day of ROC Lake 6. Excellent weather, mild winds. My first launch was the big Iris on a full M CTI M2600 Smokey Sam motor. It was an excellent flight, with the dual deployment working as planned. The RRC2 reported 6733 feet, the AltAcc 2A reported 5636 feet. Next was the Shock Value on a J275-W. The main chute melted together from the ejection charge, but there was no damage. The AltAcc 2C did not record any data, unclear why. My last flight was the Small Endeavour on a CTI I350-13SS motor for a nice flight.

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