Launch Report

October 19, 2002
Billings, MT

Temp: 75.
Wind: 5 mph
Where: BLM land at 17 mile marker

Flights in order
LOC HiTech H45H123-10W
Aerotech ArcasH180-10W
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0I284-W
LOC HiTech H45I218-10R
Aerotech ArreauxG40-7W
Aerotech ArcasH180-10W

Last BSRA launch of the year, nice weather. My first launch was the HiTech on a H123-10W for a nice flight. Next was the Arcas on a H180-10W. Then I flew the Javelin on a I284-W for a perfect flight. The main chute deployed at apogee - I later determined I had wired the charges wrong. The IA-X96 reported 2,171 feet. I flew the HiTech on a I218-10R for an awesome flight. Next was the Arreaux G40. My last flight was the Arcas on another H180-W for another good flight.

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