Launch Report

August 18, 2002
Near Wendover, UT

Temp: Lower 90s.
Wind: 5 mph
Where: HellFire 8, near Wendover UT.

Flights in order
7.5" IrisM1550-R
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0I366-R

HellFire 8, Day 3: Excellent weather again. I prepped and flew the big Iris again on an Aerotech M1550R. As there have been some problems with motor, I epoxied the grains to the liner. The rocket had an excellent flight on the 75mm Redline M motor. The dual deploymentt worked as planned today. The RRC2 reported 5007 feet, and the uncalibrated AltAcc reported 4483 feet. My last flight was the Javelin on an I366-R motor. It was a nice flight to 2231 feet.

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