Launch Report

September 15, 2001
Near Wendover, UT

Temp: 80
Wind: 0 to 5 mph
Where: HellFire 7, near Wendover UT.

Flights in order
Modified Estes Big DaddyG75-10J
Aerotech ArreauxG54-6W
Modified Estes Big DaddyG64-7W
Aerotech MustangG33-7J
Aerotech MustangG54-6W

HellFire 7, Day 2: Beautiful weather. I loaded up the Mega Goblin with a M1315-W, set up the electronics, packed the chute and headed for the RSO table. Then the news came. While trying to call in to activate the high altitude window, we were informed that all rocket operations were cancelled by NORAD because of the events on September 11th. This after both the FAA and NORAD had given the OK two days earlier. There were a lot of angry people! Finally in the afternoon we were allowed to launch G motors and below. I launched the Big Daddy on a G75-10J, but the delay was too long. A six second delay would be better. I dusted off the Arreaux and sent it up on a G54-6W. Then I flew the Big Daddy again on a G64-7W. Next was the Mustang on a G33-7J. The last flight was the Mustang again, this time on a G54-6W. It had an early ejection and broke the elastic shock cord. On fin broke on landing and was easily repaired. Attaching another shock cord is a different matter though.

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