Launch Report

September 14, 2001
Near Wendover, UT

Temp: 80
Wind: 5 to 10 mph
Where: HellFire 7, near Wendover UT.

Flights in order
Modified Estes Big DaddyG64-10W
Nike SmokeK695-R
Modified Estes Big DaddyG40-7W
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0K695-R
Aerotech MustangG38-7FJ

HellFire 7, Day 1: Nice weather, windy in the afternoon. The salt was underwater, so we were at the alternate site. My first flight was the Big Daddy on a G64-10W. The Kevlar® shock cord broke, sustained some paint cracks on two fins but structurally intact. Next was the Nike Smoke on a K695 Redline motor for a nice flight to 3,757 feet. Then I flew the Big Daddy again on a G40-7W. I launched the Javelin on another K695-R motor to 7,152 feet. My last flight of the day was the Mustang on a G38-7FJ.

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