Launch Report

June 23, 2001
ROC Lake IV, Alberta

Wind: 5 mph
Where: ROC Lake south of Taber, Alberta

Flights in order
Modified Estes Big DaddyH70-10W
7.5" IrisM1939-W
Aerotech ArcasH180-10W
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0K700-W

ROC Lake IV, Day 2: Sunny, and not much wind. First I flew the Big Daddy on a single use H70-10W. It had a nice flight, but the rocket body went through the spillhole on the parachute at deployment. It came down fast but had no damage. Next was the big Iris on a M19339-W (the full monte). It was an excellent flight, with the RRC2 reporting 9663 feet. The AltAcc reported 9021 feet. Dual deployment worked and the rocket had no damage from the flight. Then I flew the Acras on a H180-10W for a nice flight. Unfortunately I couldn't find it, but it was found that evening by Lorna Baines and returned. One fin broke a piece off. The last flight of the day was the Javelin on a K700-W. It had a good flight with the IA-X96 reporting 10,600 feet and max speed of 801 mph.

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